Call of the wild Maine Coons

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Maine coons

I am 37 years old and i have been breeding Maine Coons for many years. I grew up with this breed and i believe they are the most loyal fun loving cat's there is.

I greatly enjoy doing this as my hobby. I love having little kitten meow's fill my house and watching them grow up.

I can give you references from people who have purchased from me in the past. I do have a lot of repeat customers, and people who have purchased from me have reccommended me to a lot of people. We are located in Clark County (Springfield ) Ohio zip code is 45503. I do encourage you to look up my location prior to contacting me.

As i mentioned before i dont ship my kitten's. I will deliver/meet up to 1 hour from my location and i do ask a gas fee. My current rate is $1.00 per mile traveled (one way only) i dont charge for my drive back home. No exceptions.

Feel free to check my site anytime as i always keep it updated. I will only post kitten's and pictures when they are ready for sale. I also dont post very many pictures of my cats (adults) as people like to steal them and use them for themselves. I am able to send pictures to anyone that is interested.

Please note that there is a difference between a hobby breeder, cattery or kennel. I am a hobby breeder as my adult females only produce 1 litter per year, unless bred the year prior. I do stud out my males and most of the time receive POL (picks of litter) so that is why i usually always have a kitten available. I prefer getting a pick(s) of litter so i can spend time with them and play with them before finding their new homes. I look at them as my fuzzy grandkids :)  <3

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